A story that weaves together time and space in a few different nations using medieval structures and stunning natural scenery. One can experience the cultural influence of the ancient and medieval worlds by visiting the Caucasus.

Tradition is emphasized in the myths and tales even before arriving in Georgia, in the hospital in Tbilisi. The small nation is full with historical attractions and directs us to cities that have been built on rocky outcroppings since the Iron Age.

But the taste of the Caucasus might also be unexpected. We stop for a sampling and to learn about the history of the creation of more than 500 labels in Cachetia, the home of Georgian wine.

Armenia’s monasteries never fail to captivate the eye. They have historically been constructed in incredibly gorgeous locations, such deep forests, and stand out in the midst of untamed nature, like the Haghartsin Monastery and Novarank.

The modest medieval Armenian musical performance, which pulsates with heritage and culture, will enthrall visitors, who will have even more pleasure while relishing the Armenian GATA, a traditional meal that is similar to sweet bread.

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