Galápagos is an archipelago, that is, to travel there you have to move between islands to the main attractions in the region. This makes many travelers question whether the best option is to stay on an island and travel every day on boats or to stay on a cruise, where part of the paths are covered while sleeping or engaged in another activity.

The tours involve observing fauna and flora, such as the classic giant turtles, endemic birds, exotic iguanas and snorkeling to get to know the marine animals. It was this diversity that opened up the possibility of Darwin’s Theory existing, proving to humanity the existence of natural evolution. This all makes the options good experiences for travelers who want to unravel the mysteries of the Galapagos.

Cruisers can take advantage of the onboard attractions as well as disembark from the ship on more isolated islands like Fernandina. Interesting lectures are provided to travelers, and a fantastic show is put on by the team of biologist guides.

The interior of the islands is another aspect of the Galápagos that can be explored by those who choose the hotel experience. One way to interact with people in the area is to venture inland from the coast. The finest hotels let guests use all of the hotel’s amenities in addition to providing daily tours that visit various islands.

Our Danza Travels, Richard Wightwick and his family, spent seven days in the archipelago and say it was an unforgettable trip. “We would like to thank Danza for the help in preparing and executing the itinerary for the organization in general, in particular the level of service provided by the receptive partner, which was exceptional,” he recalls.

While some islands are geographically farther apart than others, they are all home to fantastic attractions suitable for a wide range of traveler types.

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