The Namib Desert along the Atlantic Ocean coast distinguishes Namibia, a nation in southwest Africa. Numerous species of wildlife can be found throughout the nation, including a sizable cheetah population. German colonial-era structures can be found in the capital Windhoek and the beach town Swakopmund, including the 1907-built Christuskirche in Windhoek. The salt pan at Etosha National Park, which is in the north, attracts animals like rhinos and giraffes.

Namibia is one of the few countries in the world that has attractions so exotic and different than what we are used to seeing. The almost untouched beauty of the small country of the African continent has made it the ideal destination for those seeking difference and tranquility in a single trip.

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The destination is perfect to enjoy outdoor hiking, taking on the famous safaris in Etosha National Park and connecting with nature: Namibia is a wildlife jewel.

Up north, the curious Skeleton Coast, an open-air cemetery for boat carcasses, whales and whatever else you can imagine. South in the Namibian desert, Sossuvlei, a dry salt and clay lake surrounded by red dunes, produces breathtaking photos.

The spectacular sceneries of time-made rock formations in Damaraland expose the impossibility of nature to people who enjoy the uncommon.

Namibia is a country with a diverse population that has been shocked to come into contact with so many different ethnic groups. However, Windhoek, the capital, demonstrates that the nation also has a contemporary allure.

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