The Nigerian international passport is an internationally recognized travel document and means of identity, just like any other passport. Any citizen of any nation should be in possession of an international passport. Obtaining an international passport does not need you to wait until you have travel arrangements.

This post will teach you how to obtain your local government identity, which is one of the documents needed for your application, how to apply for your Nigerian international passport (without needing any “connection” at Nigerian Immigration), and how to follow the progress of your passport application. Read through to the finish.

Detailed instructions for obtaining a Nigerian passport abroad

The organization in charge of issuing foreign passports is the Nigerian Immigration Service. In order to apply for an international passport, you must first fill out an online application and submit your profile information, then you must physically visit the office to finish the procedure. To carry out this;

  1. Go to the Nigerian Immigration Service website and fill out the passport application page. To access it, tap this.
  2. If this is your first time applying for a passport, tap “Applying for fresh passport.” If you have previously applied for a passport but it has expired or is missing, select “Renew/re-issue passport.”
  3. After entering the necessary information, click “Continue” to move forward.
  4. You will also need to supply your contact details and information on your next of kin. Your application number and reference ID will be generated once you have entered your next of kin information.
  5. Once you’ve completed them, submit the application and move on to the payment process.
  6. Print the application after you’ve finished it.
  7. Additionally, download and print the guarantor’s form. The guarantor’s form can be accessed here >>>> Here’s the link to the guarantor’s form >>>> Passport Guarantor Form | Nigerian Immigration Services <<<

Present the necessary paperwork for submission and capture at the passport office. Bring along proof of payment and your acknowledgment slip.

Note: Your guarantor needs to be in possession of a current international passport issued by Nigeria. In addition to signing your guarantor’s form, he or she will give you a copy of their passport photo and bio-data page from an overseas passport.

Go to a high court and inquire about how to obtain the Commissioner of Oaths’ signature or stamp if you are unable to verify whether the passport center you wish to use has a Commissioner of Oaths office.

Documents needed to apply for a Nigerian international passport

  1. Identification letter from the local government
  2. Age declaration and birth certificate
  3. 2 current color passport photos
  4. Guarantor’s form (not required if you are renewing your passport)
  5. Your parent’s letter of approval, if you are under 16
  6. A marriage license, if one is already married
  7. Police report (for misplaced or pilfered passports)
  8. Filled out passport application form

How to Obtain Identification from the Nigerian Local Government

Your local government ID is one of the documents needed for the Nigerian passport application process. You don’t need to go back to your home state to obtain one if you don’t already have one.

Obtaining an ID from the local government;

How to Monitor Your Application for a Passport

You will receive a document (paper) with your biographical information and the anticipated date of your passport after your interview and capture at the Nigerian Immigration office.

Your passport may not be ready on the date indicated on that document (paper), based on my experience and the experiences of many others I know. It might be released after the date indicated there. So follow your passport application online rather than making a pointless trip to the immigration office.

To follow up on your application for your  Nigerian international passport,

When your passport is ready, they should send you a letter and an SMS. You shouldn’t, however, put your money on that. Keep tabs on the status of your passport application.

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Additional considerations for obtaining an international passport

Exercise patience while going through the steps.

When you visit the immigration office for submission and capture, you could need to spend many hours there. Thus, get ready both physically and emotionally. If you are not able to stay hungry for very long, eat as you go.

Additionally, you might need to wait a few months for your passport to be available, so be patient. Processing of passports is impacted by the unavailability of passport booklets. For this reason, I suggest obtaining your passport well in advance of the necessity.

When submitting an application, double-check that your details are accurate

Verify all of the information you entered on your application before submitting it. It takes time to fix mistakes you made when submitting your passport application. If you fill out your passport application and make an avoidable mistake, you will feel bad about yourself. Nothing compares to a “minor” error. It could be hard to fix something as seemingly insignificant as your name’s hyphenation or lack thereof.

When the immigration officer reads over your information in the capturing room, pay close attention so you may make any necessary revisions. Don’t touch your phone or let anything divert your attention.

Visit the official Nigerian Immigration website for more details about the Nigerian International Passport.

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