Chapada Diamantina, a representation of Brazilian nature, is able to bring together idyllic locations in the country’s interior to give visitors a taste of what diversity our Bay has to offer.

Tabular landscapes with massive, imposing walls may be seen behind numerous hills for meditative hikes, like the well-known Father Inachian Hill and Camel Hill, as well as magnificent waterfalls like the Buracão Falls.

The Diamond Chapada is transformed into a frame of paradise by naturally occurring bathing pools created in the massive granite formations. The cobalt blue of the Enchanted Well, the rosy tones of the Snore, and the glistening blue waters of the Blue Well serve as live examples of how the most exquisite things can emerge from the most unlikely locations.

Naturally, using regional flavors in cooking is a part of this plan. Making contact with every local enhances the experience even more. This is the ideal way to close the year. These are the final available spots for the evening, so seize them.

Nature has no boundaries, just like your desire to roam. Join our crew as we explore one of the world’s most stunning national parks.

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