The Amazon is one of humanity’s greatest assets. This makes traveling through your so varied landscapes a defining moment in any traveler’s life.

In the Anavilhanas Archipelago, activities include taking a dip in the ever-changing-color seas, taking hikes inside, looking for boats that are drifting in thought, interacting with the locals, or just sitting and watching the sunrise. It is in simplicity that we find the most beautiful.

Consider making special eco-reservations for the trip, like those at Mirantedogaviao, a wholly sustainable hideaway in the Anavilhanas Archipelago. An extraordinary experience, ideal for the whole family.

At Anavilhanaslodge, travelers can find yet another excellent lodging choice at the River Black’s base. The sensation of being completely surrounded by nature during the night focus stroll is infectious. We are all a part of nature, it serves as a reminder.

Pack your bags with light and comfortable clothes and come experience the best of the Amazon. We’re ready to take your questions and plan your best journey ahead.


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