Beautiful, old, and environmentally friendly. The vacation to Ushuaia is full with great experiences that the whole family may share. Everyone may enjoy themselves and benefit from learning about other civilizations, the finer points of nature, and delicious new foods.

One of those can’t-miss things that is worthwhile to do with the whole family is walking among penguins in their natural habitat. Pinguinera, the sanctuary for Magellanic penguins, is an island that respects the preservation of environment and keeps us close to the diminutive and amiable residents.

This little piece of paradise sits on Isla Martillo, which we know off Harberton Reservoir, a small rural property that has already been consecrated as a National Heritage Site for its incredible landscapes.

Of course, it would be impossible to visit Ushuaia and ignore the countless things to do inside Parque Tierra del Fuego. Take a kayaking excursion on Lake Acigami or Lake Roca, ride the End of the World railway, and observe the changing landscapes between rivers, woodlands, and numerous trees.

With a circuit that connects the Lakes Escondido and Fagnano to little patches of land, it is possible to travel through forests in a realistic fashion. This makes the journey unforgettable

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