A journey designed to make the Aurora Boreal hunting adventure successful and full of special moments. A guide takes us on that expeditious journey, the coldest season of the season.

The season is important for the search for the Aurora Boreal to have more than luck as a helper to find it. This is because witnessing the phenomenon is not so simple, it depends on the combination of different unique factors being present at the same time.

The freezing temperature, dark night and cloudless skies make for the perfect day to find the colors on the horizon.

Rely on the knowledge of those who have seen the Aurora Borealis, as they will know precisely where to be and when to look for the phenomenon. Our guides are used to searching for the lights in the sky on this trip—lights that are easily overlooked by minute details. When taking in the sky show, it pays to be with like-minded others.

The combination of all the experiences gained while traveling through Iceland makes the trip fascinating, even without the sight of the Northern Lights. The interior of the nation offers incredible views, unusual lodging options, and unique nature trails for travelers to explore.

Such a unique journey is one that you should take.

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