While on a river safari Alternatively, an experience for spectacular Pantanal points. Whatever angle you take, the cruise adventure in quest of the painted jaguar is designed with every aspect centered on total immersion in nature.

Travelers encounter four conservation units on a single voyage across the waters of some of Brazil’s most prominent rivers in search of the rich fauna and diversity present in our culture.

The encounter with the painted jaguar is, of course, the highlight of the entire journey for those who embark on this rare catamaran. Because she lives free in nature, we can’t always be confident that we’ll find her, but we can guarantee that we’ll have a great plot ready for that encounter.

Aside from the gigantic cats, there are other natural wonders that visitors to the Pantanal rivers should not miss. The gigantic victory reign, birds that break the silence of the forest, and local villages that demonstrate how the basic life should be appreciated transport us to another planet.

The Amolar Mountains are one of the most anticipated stops. In contrast to the well-known Pantanal plains, this most distant location in the environment offers mountains and a lot of exclusivity to those who reach there.

It is a transformational adventure. A voyage to rediscover nature and oneself. Travel with Danza Travels to ensure one of the best vacations.

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