Was everything bumpy at the carnival? We have a proposal for your next location, Sao Francisco Docorumbau, if your party was in the foliage or somewhere more sedate.

Situated in a remote and challenging-to-reach location at the southernmost tip of Bahia, the farm offers a cultural and environmental haven away from the usual tourist routes.

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Despite being a part of the continent, the destination nonetheless has the appearance of an island due to its unique topographical features.

Built in the middle of a cocoon and very close to the Padro Sea, the San Francisco Corumbau Farm can be even more private; the Bahia farm is in the southern end of the state, forming an environmental and cultural oasis far from traditional tourism.

The Point do Corumbau is quite private, but the San Francisco Corumbau Farm can be even more private; over there, there is only the balance of the net, the wind of the breeze, and the harmony of the river and the sea.

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