Streets, beaches, deserts, and numerous artisanal and cultural interactions are all present in the region’s real-life tapestry. Our journey across Tunisia will provide you with the specifics that will make the location one of the best of your life, all while being accompanied by a Portuguese-speaking guide.

Living opportunities combine in the small Mediterranean nation. Roman remains like the Roman amphitheater in El Jem may be found here, and they are just as amazing as those in Italy.

The Arab medinas display all of the power of the inhabitants through the intricate intricacies of their historic structures, whereas the Bereberé tribe’s underground home, which can be seen in Matmata, displays several ways in which the same location can be inhabited.

Tunisia was also blessed by nature. The stunning lake of Chott El Jerid’s saltwater evaporation can be seen here. The earliest Roman ruins in Africa can be seen on the optional trip to Dougga, which is also home to lush olive groves and stunning views.

We recommend the optional tours of the pottery capital, where you can tour a factory, and the path of the world’s best olive oils for those who want to enhance their travel experiences even further.

You deserve to have this unforgettable experience, and a guide who can convey all this diversity and richness in Portuguese will do just that.

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