A distinctive lodge at the base of the Cristalino River demonstrates that it is possible to be in the heart of a forest and still feel as though you are in a modern setting.

With the benefit of having innumerable primary bush trees on the horizon, destiny surprises for authenticity and experiences that demonstrate what it really feels like to be in the middle of nature and be embraced by the sounds of the forest.

The Cristalino Lodge welcomes animals from both the Pantanal and the Cerrado because it is close to both habitats, making it a fantastic choice for families taking youngsters.

During the tours, the guides, who are experts in the local flora and animals, always keep an eye on the surroundings. Because of this, activities like canoeing, bushwalking, and simply taking in the view from a lookout become memorable experiences.

Ensure the experience is transformative. “For our family it was one of the most remarkable experiences we had,” they say.

You and your family deserve an experience like this.

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