Time-capsulated architectural projects, millennial settlements, and natural parks. Far from mass tourism, the remarkable Aragon in the Spanish Pyrenees is home to a diverse range of peoples that have already established themselves in the area.

I was really enchanted by the diversity of historical, cultural and nature. In Ordesa National Park and Mount Perdido the peaks can reach over 3,000 meters and offer trail options for every taste.

Walking through the streets of Vila de Alquézar is something simple but that offers the traveler panoramic views of the mountains. Already on the Rio Vero canyon walkways, all the way is entangled in the mountains, an unmissable experience. Everything there is charming.

Every historical and cultural aspect contains a small amount of mystique as well. Every chimney has a witch scarecrow, which became popular in the 17th and 18th centuries, to keep ghosts out of houses.

Additionally, modernity provides a contrast to a great deal of medieval history. For those who dare, the fastest zip line in the world, the Pyrenees, offers an amazing perspective of the Ordesa mountains.

Situated among the magnificent Mallos de Riglos, the Castle of Loarre is a cinematic castle from the 11th century and one of the most notable examples of Roman architecture in Spain.

The famous 5-star Titanic Mountains Canfranc Station Hotel is a fantastic experience; it was constructed on a disused train station, and Boltaña Monastery is located in the midst of the Pyrenees.

The whole itinerary for seeing this and other exceptional locations offered by Danza.

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