A fusion of fine dining, wine tourism, and scenery that blends man-made structures with the natural world. There are a lot of surprises that may be found in the north of Argentina at elevations more than a thousand meters.

More than 20 options are available in the Cafayate wine region, including torront├ęs, cabernet sauvignon, and malbec.

These are locally produced wines that are served with a variety of tasting options and appetizers that complement the beverages.

Salta, a province with a rich history of local people and a lively culture that is always involved in a variety of colorful crafts full of style, is honored by Spanish colonial architecture.

Cerro de los Siete Colores in Purmamarca is a unique rock structure with colors so magnificent that it invites observation of its subtleties for several moments.

A voyage this varied comes to an elegant close. The incredibly well-designed architecture of Salinas Grandes’ Pristine Camps lets visitors experience the outdoors without ever leaving the comforts of their opulent, environmentally friendly campsite.

Feel the good life affecting your thoughts as you sip your fine glass of wine from your extraction in the middle of the salt desert in Argentina.

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