A location where you may develop your creativity and curiosity. We design a trip to Egypt specifically for you, hand-picking the sights that interest you the most or traveling in small groups while always being accompanied by reliable local partners.

With the exception of the desire to try something new, traveling to Egypt with Danza Travels means leaving all other concerns behind. Let’s explore some of the most famous historical structures in the world and learn that Egypt is much more than just its pyramids, museums, and ancient cities.

From Cairo to Luxor, the sparsely populated landscape is complemented by the friendliness of our open-minded tour guides and Egyptologists, who are constantly prepared to allay your concerns and pique your interest.

The balloon flight in Luxor is typically one of those must-do activities when visiting the Valley of Kings and Queens. It’s nearly impossible to resist wanting to soar over the picturesque countryside and immaculately maintained structures that you don’t feel as though you’ve traveled back in time.

A luxurious cruise ship is a convenient way to explore the nation on the continent of Africa. finishing in Aswan, home to amazing ancient temples like Abul Simbel’s, after going over the Nile River and making wise pit stops. Alexandria provides introductions for those interested in learning more about history, and Sharm El Sheik, a city located between the desert and the Red Sea, is the ideal place to enjoy the clear waters and coral reefs.

Want to give your script a little more exclusivity? Our recommendation is to go glamping at the Oasis of Fayoum, which represents the union of nature and subdued luxury.

For those who like to explore places still unknown, we add the wonderful White Desert. This nearly 3,000-mile special spot holds stunning, uniquely-shaped rock formations, carved by the wind in an open-air art gallery.

Contact our travel experts and select the date that will mark your unforgettable experience in Egypt.


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