Environmental concern is what is not lacking at Pata Lodge. This is a discreet and remote place, in a rural corner of Patagonia reserved for families to live simple, but transforming experiences.

Idealized for Brazilians, Pata Patagonia is a refuge on the banks of the Futalefu River, involving an entire local community that preserves that land. It is clear that the hospitality of Brazilians has been transferred to the accommodation: here, what is not missing is a full smile and a lot of warmth.

Activities for families to engage with nature included harvesting, grazing, honey production, and everything that nature has to offer. Families may then savor the delicacies in the farm-to-table kitchen.

The picturesque terrain can be appreciated while hiking, riding a horse, or on the river while kayaking or using a stand-up paddleboard.

Parents can sip a good wine in front of the fire while their kids play with toys that are intimately farm-themed.

Your family deserves to share genuine experiences and learn from real-world situations.

Create such memories with the assistance of our team of knowledgeable travelers.

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