Remember when Dubai was the promised land of high-paying jobs, luxury cars, and all the good life had to offer? Well, that isn’t the case anymore. An increasing number of Nigerians are packing up and leaving Dubai’s heat behind for the cooler climates of the UK and Canada. But the reason they are moving has nothing to do with the weather. Continue reading to find out why Nigerians from Dubai are moving to the UK and Canada in large numbers.

6 Objectives Why Nigerians Are Moving From Dubai To The UK And Canada

Let’s begin with the most typical explanation:

1. Visas for Dubai are too short-term

Visas are like temporary tattoos in Dubai; in order to prolong your stay, you have to continuously renewing them.

Nigerians find it unfeasible to stay in Dubai due to the lack of a well-defined process for acquiring a permanent residence (PR) visa and the slim chance of obtaining a long-term visa. Rather, they are opting to investigate options in the UK and Canada, where the likelihood of obtaining a permanent resident visa is higher.

2. Greater wages and better jobs

Yes, it is possible to find well-paying work in Dubai, but the country’s economy is not exactly booming at the moment. There are fewer jobs available, and the high earnings don’t necessarily go as far as people assume because living expenses often consume a large portion of them. Nigerians are searching for other nations that offer better opportunities due to the rising cost of living and lack of employment.

In the UK and Canada, there are more work prospects as well as even greater opportunities for career advancement. Moving to these nations makes sense for Nigerians. Please understand that I am aware of the difficulties in finding work in Canada and the UK. Still, it’s preferable to Dubai.

3. There is no language barrier

Remembering the language and culture is important. In Canada and the UK, English is the common language. It is therefore simpler to get comfortable, acclimate, and have a sense of belonging. It’s simple to place food orders, look for work, talk to your neighbors, and finish everyday chores. There are no communication difficulties due to language.

Additionally, there are numerous Nigerian communities in Canada and the UK, so you won’t feel alone. You can have fun, participate in the cultural celebrations you used to enjoy in Nigeria, and pray in the same manner as before.

4. Freedom to Live

The nation of Dubai is conservative. Many people in Dubai are afraid of expressing something that can be taken offensively, thus they don’t always express themselves as much as they would like to.

It’s not the same in Canada and the UK. People are less judgmental and more open-minded in society. People can express themselves freely as long as they stay within certain bounds.

5. Inexpensive education

Dubai offers top-notch education, but it comes at a high cost. Non-Emirates are not entitled to free admission to public schools in Dubai.

However, free education is available to kids in the UK between the ages of five and sixteen.

6. Lower of Living

Have you ever lived somewhere where your paycheck is used up on necessities alone? Dubai is that.

The cost of living is still high in the UK and Canada, but it is not as high as it is in Dubai, let’s say. Therefore, you could afford a few items that you couldn’t in Dubai a little easier.

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How to Move from Dubai to the United Kingdom or Canada

Here are some simple actions you may do as you get ready to move to facilitate a smoother transition:

1. Consider your choices for a visa

2. Take charge of the paperwork:

3. Make Financial Preparation

4. Make travel arrangements

5. Be ready for the workforce

6. Accept cultural variations

In summary

Living in the UK or Canada is not always a bed of roses, as I can attest from my two years spent there and my interactions with Canadian residents. But given what Dubai has to offer, it’s understandable why Nigerians living there are relocating to the UK and Canada.

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