What’s in the Bay is bribery. One of those landscapes to fill the eyes with glitter and stories that are good to be heard. At Slapada Diamantina, it is possible to experience everything that the Bahia has good and a little more.

Bahayan spice goes much beyond simply flavoring food, and everyone who has tried it immediately loves it. Every step is filled with love as you learn about the Chapada region from guides who have spent their whole lives walking these roads.

Every time the sun shines on the brilliant blue water, The Enchanted Well serves as a reminder that nature can still take us by surprise.

Although the trip includes impressive, teeming waterfalls, it is the solitude of Father Inacio Hill where reflection changes visitors’ perceptions of nature.

Connecting with the simple is also letting yourself be carried away by the power of nature, and nothing like the bahiana for transformations.

To make the trip even more special, we have regular departures during the Full Moon period.

Plan your trip with Danza Travels & Tours and live special moments.


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