Key Strategies

The travel industry is a highly competitive industry. In order to fortify our position as an emerging leader in this industry, Danza Travel and Tours is keen on focusing in four strategic areas, namely:
• Keeping the Company financially healthy at all times;
• Rendering superior service to customers that translate to customer loyalty resulting to repeat orders and referrals that create new and bigger opportunities;
• Maintaining a high-performing team that consistently displays competence in customer orientation and driving for results with the highest regard for professional ethics and Christian values; and
• Doing all of the above at the lowest cost in the industry.

Our Mission   To keep our existing customers, win new customers, and ensure total customer satisfaction through excellent customer service experience at all times characterized by Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and customer friendly facilities that are all provided by our professional and customer-centric employees who are our valuable business partners in making a reality our vision of becoming a travel service provider that is distincly above the rest

Our Vision    DANZA TRAVELS AND TOURS is one of the best professional travel service providers in Nigeria that consistently deliver exceptional travel services focused on customer service, customer satisfaction and value-added services. We value our employee as our business partners and together, we are dedicated to make our company an active contributor in the development of Nigeria Tourism Industry

Our Values
> Excellence
> Flexibility
> Innovation
> Teamwork
> Respect
> Integrity
> Enthusiasm
> Courage
> Credibility
> Reliability

Great Tours
Happy Clients