Summer is the time to enjoy a sea perfect for bathing for travelers heading to Croatia in search of islands and beaches as beautiful as Europe’s most famous.

The destination is an open-air paradise. Krka National Park is a good example of this. The expectation of arriving at this postcard is high, but seeing the islands up close that form impressive waterfalls is always a unique emotion.

Enjoyed every moment with my family. “We travel with our three children, who enjoy exploring new places, sampling the cuisine, and going on adventures—mostly in the middle of the outdoors. My first thought upon seeing a picture of Lake Bled from last year was, ‘Let’s go to Slovenia.’ We had a great time traveling to Greece and Croatia together. We appreciate Danza’s meticulous planning,” says one of our travelers.

Plitvice Lakes National Park is consecrated as one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are 16 lakes that vary in shades of blue, emerald and green, all interconnected by massive waterfalls. A breathtaking view.

Spring is the season for those seeking a milder climate. It’s the season when major tourist spots get quieter and it’s still possible – on some sunny days to dive into the imposing Adriatic Sea or enjoy the sunset in Dubrovnik.

The nation’s foliage starts to take on hues of red, yellow, and green at this time of year. It feels different to visit the parks, especially for us Brazilians who are not used to having clearly defined seasons.

Are you interested in learning more about the culture of the nation? There are lots of festival options in the spring, including one of the greatest in the world in Zagreb.

We want you to experience Croatia at its finest. We’ll also travel by other Balkan sites, like Bosnia’s Mostar and the amazing, historically significant Sarajevo, to extend the journey a bit.

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