Traveling is similar to dreaming, with the exception that not everyone remembers what they dreamed when they wake up while everyone retains fond memories of the place they just left.

Travel is a type of portal that allows you to leave reality and enter a new, uncharted reality, much like in a dream.

Beautiful scenes of Sentosa Singapore, Maafushi, Maldives and Zanzibar Tanzania.

The best island vacations feature expansive beaches, vibrant cultures, and unspoiled areas of wilderness, to name just a few alluring features.

Even the mention of this group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean conjures up images of tropical sun, fine sand, and drinks in hand, but this well-liked beach destination also offers a variety of action-packed activities. Avoid the crowds and visit the cays of Eleuthera, Sentosa, Zanzibar, Maldives, or Tahiti for world-class surfing, or the seaside town of Harbour Island for its pink sand beaches. Additionally, snorkeling and diving excursions are not to be missed because the islands are home to the third-largest barrier reef in the world, underwater cave systems, and crystal-clear water.

Island dump!

Village Hotel Sentosa

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