The countries in the Northern African continent is characterized by its high concentration of historical sites and memories. The addition of the excellent responsiveness of the people makes Tunisia a different destination.

Arriving in Tunisia, there is a feeling of appreciation mixed with reflection. On our upcoming special excursion, we’ll be accompanied by eminent historians who will make sure that every historical event is described in its proper context.

Our itinerary includes stopping at pre-Christian archaeological sites and structures. We are aware of the remnants of the ancient city of Carthage atop Birsa Mountain, which was constructed under Roman rule and has a rich cultural history.

The remains of Sidi Bou Said transport us to a time when traveling around the Mediterranean was required for the most valuable people in the world. One of the most striking sights of the entire journey is the amphitheater, which is already at El Jem. The heyday was back then.

The Chebika oasis is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque stops in the itinerary. Previously a Roman military camp, this peaceful village is now surrounded by fountains and palm trees, making it the ideal place to unwind.

Movie buffs will also adore the Star Wars movie set walk, which is a haven of mountains, waterfalls, and an entirely new environment.

Muslim and Jewish cultural influences can be felt throughout the journey. But it is on Djerba Island that we find Africa’s oldest synagogue and other buildings along the south-east coast full of landmarks.

Embark with Danza Travels to an authentic and irreverent destination.

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