It briefly has the impression of being in a desert in Brazil. Yet, as the visitor ascends the dunes, he or she discovers sand-encircled lakes that are incredibly clear.

Maranhenses National Park is a paradise-like setting that is ideal for a romantic swim, a family picnic, or a leisurely stroll.

The additional starlight rides and fly over the sheets are perfect for people who enjoy a little extra exclusivity. Both adults and children can dream.

The really magical things are the ones that happen right in front of you

Still traveling, the only delta in North America displays its majesty in rivers, lakes, dunes, uninhabited beaches, and a sunset with a guava-covered sky. I can’t help but feel sad.

One of the powerful feelings is crossing the Jerichoacoara National Park. Destination is a veritable paradise, full of charm at every turn, from restaurants to lakes that are stunningly clear.

Three Brazilian states are integrated onto a single map. Speedboats, scenic flights, hiking, surfing, and kite boarding, as well as communal living.

The Journey of Feelings is quite incredible. The path can be tailored to your preferences, always using Danza’s top advice and direction. Do you need a hint? Try to plan your trip during the beginning of June, when the ponds are at their fullest. And the Junina celebrations are still going on this month!

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