It’s different to learn a little about the local history and culture when you’re on vacation. Because of this, our unique trip to Morocco with a Portuguese-speaking tour guide is truly unique.

Little by little, every aspect of the Moroccan fate will be revealed. The country’s mosques, structures, and culture all originated in Casablanca.

The country’s most stunning and well-preserved gate, Bab Mansour, in the nation’s commercial center, stretches 40 kilometres and merits a photo stop. The souks and bazaars stand out in welcoming Fez.

There’s no way to go to Morocco and not discovering the Merzouga desert. In a 4×4, we will travel to our stay in the middle of it: they are high-standard tents for camping in all comfort and enjoying the atmosphere of the desert.

The Todra Canyon, which has previously been named one of the most stunning landscapes in all of Northern Africa, is breath-taking. Rustic landscapes are next.

The second-oldest imperial city, Marrakech, is vibrant and intense, and smells and aromas can be easily discovered everywhere.

People looking for authenticity are destined for experiences like these.

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