A treasure. Casablanca has already featured in several films, established itself as Morocco’s main financial hub, and continues to have amazing architecture.

A guide shows us the most remarkable facets of Morocco’s imperial past over a period of fifteen days.

Explore Moroccan architecture that combines elements of art nouveau and art deco with French influences.

The blue that permeates Chefchaouen’s streets and mountains creates the illusion of heaven and earth colliding in the residents’ quaint little homes.

Terracotta creates a range of colors, from a delicate blue to a striking red in Rabat. Bright Marrakech is a must-visit location to take in the splendor of One Thousand and One Nights and lose yourself in the souks—the perfect setting for learning about Moroccan culture and finding family-friendly mementos.

Meknes, one of Morocco’s four imperial cities and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has the longest walls in the whole nation. Já Fez’s current spiritual aura, along with its exoticism and vibrantly colored streets with intricate mazes, consecrate the city

The script closes in style at the unique Madrid. Palaces, cathedrals, museums and avenues on a short drive through this Spanish treasure before returning home.

There are still spots for you to enjoy this whole experience with the Danza standard of quality.

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