Chile is a South American country located on the western coast. It stretches approximately 2,700 miles (4,300 km) from its border with Peru at latitude 17°30′ S to the southernmost tip of South America at Cape Horn at latitude 56° S, just 400 miles north of Antarctica. It is a long, narrow nation with an average width of roughly 110 miles, a maximum of 217 miles at Antofagasta and a minimum of 9.6 miles near Puerto Natales.

It is bordered to the north by Peru and Bolivia, to the east by Argentina, and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. Chile has jurisdiction over Easter Island, the Juan Fernández Archipelago, and the South Pacific volcanic islets of Sala y Gómez, San Félix, and San Ambrosio. Chile likewise claims an offshore limit of 200 miles. Santiago is the capital.

What is the value of taking a family journey that teaches everyone, especially youngsters, the value of living a modest life? A modest farm in a prime position in northern Patagonia exemplifies this in its sincerity.

Patagonia is surrounded by amazing surroundings in the Chilean community of Futalef pata, including rivers, snow-covered mountains, colorful lakes, and loads and lots of compassion from the hosts.

Around here, you can enjoy the day-to-day by doing things in a light, pleasant style that will result in memories that will last a lifetime. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get out of the routine, meet new people, and teach everyone about the things that truly count in life.

Participate in the harvest, learn about pasture and honey production, brave the waves of the Futalefu River by rafting, walk and bike through Patagonia’s sceneries, and drink a delicious wine in front of the open air fireplace. These are just a few of the activities available to you and your family at our little hideaway.

In the kitchen, my organic and farm-fresh ingredients make the Bistro Duck even more remarkable. It’s the food from farm to table, which is really tasty and makes me want more.

It’s a voyage to gather genuine moments. To metamorphose, to embark on a new adventure, and to fall in love with rural life. Schedule your unique trip with DANZA TRAVELS right away. Click on the contact above or send an email to or

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