The famous Atacama Desert is just one part of Chile’s natural beauty. There is an area in the adjacent country’s south where massive volcanoes stand atop blue lakes that were originally produced by glaciers.

Real postcard-worthy sceneries can be seen in the Lakes Region. Due to their location near Lake Llanquihue and, of course, the spectacular Osorno volcano, the cities of Puerto Varas and Frutillar are among the most alluring places to visit.

Our recommendation for lodging in Puerto Varas is Awapuertovaras. The hotel is a masterpiece of architecture, standing out for its refinement and attention to detail. Every hotel offers a panoramic view of the lake and volcano, making every moment one to remember.

Additionally, tourists can choose from a variety of activities to unwind at the spa or take in the environment.

Trails, rafting, kayaking, hiking and several other activities to get to know this intense nature up close are part of a roster full of incredible parks. In Puyehue National Park, there are at least 100,000 acres of forests, rivers, lakes, and volcanoes, all with intense and vibrant color.

Pulsating, the jumps of the Petrohue River charm for the turquoise blue colouring and the possibilities of activities to be done in contact with the water.

The pastoral vistas of the lovely Island of Chiloé already stand out for more reasons than just the scenery, as they are not yet on many tourists’ typical routes, making the place even more unique.

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