This is not to be missed. Those who have witnessed the Great Migration in Tanzania and Kenya can attest that it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Mrs, Glory Kalu, our CEO, visited the East African continent and fell in love with the meticulous planning of the team at the East African National Parks. She promised ultimate settling and custom-chosen lodge and the careful layout for our amicable clientele with all of our competence from those who have lived onsite experience, so fear not, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information.

Travels are supposed to be enjoyable. Why not make a reservation with Danza Travels?

“I was welcomed very well, very well received and I left East Africa with a longing sadness. The places are amazing, Africa is a continent blessed by God! The local operator is very professional, all extremely picky. The program was perfectly crafted with the best logistics. The animals seen were also growing in beauty gradually.”

And all this enchantment isn’t for nothing. Danza Travels expertise makes all the difference in selecting the many accommodation alternatives and in the order of visiting parks, as animals move at their own pace and observing migration evolve in the correct order is amazing.

The friendly local tribes who coexist with the vast herds that pass by meet our passengers in the savannah wilderness with a grin and an eagerness to learn about our culture as they introduce us to theirs.

Appreciate the fact that new cubs and big cats, such as lions and leopards, can be spotted more easily on the Serengeti until July . The great migration occurs at its peak between June and mid-September. Now is the time to reserve your slot.

This is one of those excursions where you can count on Danza Travels to completely transform your experience. Plan yours immediately by clicking the WhatsApp link in our bio and speaking with one of our specialists.

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