Between idyllic landscapes and vivid metropolitan buildings, the tour through the Caucasus with a Brazilian guide demonstrates that a powerful culture is exposed in the details.

Learning about the cultures of Georgia and Armenia is almost like going back in time. The influences are numerous, ranging from Soviet to Turkish, and are located directly between the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains. Everything there alludes to a time when there were many fortresses, castles, and mountainous landscapes.

The region is notable for conserving ancient architectural structures and sacred regions in order to preserve the history of the emergence of faiths in its territory.

In the heart of Georgia, Kartli, the out-of-sight lush fields demonstrate the country’s rural power. However, it is in Uplistsikhe, the Lord’s Fortress, that travelers come across true open-air caves and recall the important commercial routes that originated there. Halls, theaters, temples, tunnels, prisons, and pharmacies are all carved in stone and jumbled together.

Nothing matches a lunch break at an authentic 19th-century cafeteria and tasty dishes with a flavour of the time for a deeper immersion in medieval culture.

Already in Armenia, the mountains make the country an ideal destination for nature lovers. They frame buildings such as Khor Virap, an important monastery near the city, and are almost usually covered in snow and surrounded by many sheep.

Try Basturma, a meal created with jerky and seasoned with flavors as vibrant as the journey experience.

If you have extra time, it is worthwhile to continue your trip and visit Azerbaijan. Plan yours now with one of our specialists by clicking on the bio contact link.

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