The right moment has come to encounter the Chapada Diamantina and take in the beauty of the Full Moon in Bahia’s starry sky.

The Chapada Diamantina National Park will capture the hearts of visitors, who will also be astounded by the beauty of the natural world.

But what makes this season so unique? The sky is much more wonderful to look at at night and nature displays even more power during the day during the Full Moon and in Autumn.

There are trips available to take in the seas, the mountains, and the chirping of birds. Are you more interested in taking in the full force of Cachoeira do Mosquito’s fall when the sun’s rays infiltrate Poço Encantado’s waters and turn them bluer? These are the moments when experiences become memories.

Each attraction on our meticulously planned itinerary is viewed from the perspective of knowledgeable tour guides who have chosen the most scenic routes through the local area.

Additionally, a trip to Bahia would not be complete without sampling some of the region’s delectable cuisine, which is expertly crafted with Brazilian passion and made using a variety of local products.

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