A careful, well planned trip to one of the world’s most fascinating locations. Iceland has allure all year, from the dynamic capital Reykjavik to the spectacular Aurora Borealis – which occurs during the winter and will be sought after by us during this time.

And it is in the capital that our visitors get their first taste of the Nordic country. Reykjavik has the best of both worlds by combining the greatest in modern technology with natural beauty. FlyOver Iceland, a cutting-edge attraction that allows visitors to fly around the landscapes and get their feet off the ground, is located in the middle of the city.

To have a closer look at Iceland’s authentic nature. Kirkjubae jarklaustur is a location filled with authentic waterfalls, beaches, and scenery. In Seljalandsfoss, visitors can walk past the waterfall and take breathtaking photographs. Reynisfjara’s black sandy beach, basalt columns, and Reynisdrangar peaks greet visitors with a completely distinct appearance.

When we arrive in Reykjavik, we go to a sparkling ice cave and learn about Diamond Beach, which gets its name from the natural ice sculptures that shine like diamonds on the beach’s coal.

The magic happens on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, which is surrounded by mountains, sandy beaches, and small settlements full of character. Kirkjufell, the famed Arrowhead Mountain, is nearby.

Of course, one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations has to be included. At the Blue Lagoon, you can relax in the warm waters, avoid the cold, and still benefit from the waters’ medicinal properties.

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