Knowing history is vital in order to appreciate it. The Serra da Capivara National Park in Brazil allures you to immerse yourself in history whether on a small-group excursions or on custom itineraries.

In one of the locations with the greatest number of prehistoric records in the world, there are numerous archaeological sites, stunning landscapes, and prehistoric engravings and marks.

All of this culture has been saved, and it is now on display in Piau’s Museum of Nature, which is situated directly in the middle of the Sierra da Capybara National Park. All ages of history-loving travelers may expect to spend their days at the open-air museum exploring the exhibits, fossils, and taking a number of classes

Niede Guidon, an archaeologist who is actively involved in the area with her work of historical preservation, values the local community, and spreads historical greatness, is responsible for the travel and construction that led to the discovery of this archaeological treasure.

But in addition to its cultural significance, the Capivara Mountains offer a haven in the wild. The hike is made even more unmissable by trails that are open to all types of people.

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