Is living intensely every moment of life a priority for you? The Southern Highway journey will blow your mind. More than just an ordinary road, walking through it is a way to explore Chile and its diverse landscapes, plus stopping in small villages that transform your perspective on life.

Already in early 2024 we have three small group outings scheduled. It’s the best time to dive into the 1,240 km extension of a highway that gives access not only to the south of the country, but also the possibility to meet nature up close.

Our unique schedule includes well-placed stops that will delight your eyes and load up your phone’s memory with images. It’s hard to picture a marble cathedral inside a submerged cave when you think of cathedrals. Marble Chapillas demonstrate that the universe’s greatest architect is nature.

Accessible action scenes are available for all travelers who want an added thrill while rafting the Baker River.

The trails that wind through Patagonia National Park are a roadside attraction. We’ll get to ride a unique circuit that passes by Lake Bertrand and hiking paths with a 360-degree view of snow-capped mountains.

Admire the top of Cerro Tamango, let yourself be mesmerized by the Esmeralda Lagoon and the Chacabuco Valley, and dream of a biodiversity that defies description.

Experience, test and experience everything you always wanted in this journey to the beyond. Be one of the largest agents of curiosity in the world.

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