One of the world’s most fascinating nations is Qatar.

There is always something new to learn, whether you have been here ten days or ten years. Here are five interesting facts about Qatar that we promise you don’t already know.

A desire to learn more about Qatar? What better way to understand this lovely nation than to go there and see it for yourself? Come with us this summer to Qatar.

The World’s Second-Safest Nation Is Qatar

From the outstanding museums and art galleries to the wonderful beaches and parks, there are a lot of reasons to enjoy Qatar. The most recent Numbeo crime index shows that Qatar has the lowest crime rate, scoring 14.03 out of 100, only behind Abu Dhabi’s 11.72. Additionally, in 2017 and 2019, it was awarded the safest city in the world. That’s fairly safe by any standard.

Qatar Is One Of The Wealthiest Nations In The World

It should come as no surprise that Qatar is one of the richest nations in the world when one looks around at the flashy skyscrapers and unbelievable ambitious projects like The Pearl-Qatar and Lusail. IMF projections for 2020 predict Qatar’s GDP per capita at an astounding $138,510, much surpassing Lambourg’s $112,045 in second place.

The History Of The Flag Of Qatar Is Fascinating

The nine serrated edges symbolize Qatar’s inclusion as the ninth member of the Persian Gulf’s “reconciled Emirates” as part of a contract with the British in 1916. Panton 1955 C, often known as Qatar maroon, is a tribute to the soundry’s involvement in the purple dye business on Al Khor. The flag is the only one in the entire globe whose breadth is greater than twice as large as its height.

The Doha Metro Is A World Record-breaking Project

Using the Doha Metro is an easy and affordable way to move about the city, but did you know that the project broke global records? The world record for the most tunnel-boring machines running simultaneously in one project was given to it during development. Say that aloud five times quickly.

The National Dish Of Qatar Is Machboos

Machboos is without a doubt one dish you must taste while traveling to Qatar. The national food of Qatar is a mixture of rice, pork, onions, and tomatoes with various spices. What’s most important is how wonderful it is.

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