When you open your eyes, an oasis greets you. It is impossible to avoid having the feeling that you are traveling through a different universe since the Middle East offers its genuineness to so many situations.

We welcome you to spend 14 days getting to know nations that defy logic in their distinctive environments. You may observe how a city has been reconstructed in Lebanon at Beirut, where a number of historical structures, including churches, mosques, and souks, have been restored.

The granite formations of Pigeons granite are also impressive from the top of a promontory, where we arrived following a Corniche boat trip.

We travel to the historic Holy Grotto of Cana from the picturesque settings, such as the splendor of shooting, where the miracle of turning water into wine would have occurred. There will also be treasures on show from Baalbeck’s most important historical locations.

Historical relics can still be seen in Cyprus, a neighboring country, in its expansive Pope Archaeological Park or on the Venetian fortifications constructed in Nicosia in the 16th century.

A place this remarkable offers a lot of opportunities.

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