You, your closest friends, and a paradisiacal location along the Bahian coast. Not at all like the more traditional celebration of a Carnival holiday, is it? However, we promise that the peace of the Marau Peninsula justifies trading in the activity.

The sea is a refreshing invitation to jump in and explore the marine life found in the corals of the area, which turn beaches into authentic natural swimming pools.

There are plenty of excellent options available for your stay. The Kandui Beach Lounge is the ideal spot to unwind by the ocean while enjoying a delicious hot chocolate made on the premises. You’re guaranteed some of the most dramatic afternoon finals of your life if you make the reservation. The hotel, which is situated on Outer Taipu Beach, offers you the seclusion and a connection to nature that you deserve.

We now invite you to Cassange Lagoon Inn if you would rather be in an even more private setting, surrounded by a landscape of straw cottages by the sea, where you can experience what it’s like to be in true paradise.

Regardless of your choice, our team of knowledgeable travel advisors is prepared to help you find peace and quiet in this little corner of Bayern’s dreamland.

Calmly walk along the shoreline at your own pace, bare your feet, and enjoy the sound of nature. After experiencing this with the people you care about, your carnival will undoubtedly never be the same.

To help you plan the Carnival you deserve, we are waiting for you at the link in the bio.

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