Switzerland is a hilly nation in Central Europe that is home to many lakes, towns, and the lofty Alps. Medieval neighborhoods may be found throughout its cities, like the Zytglogge clock tower in Bern, the nation’s capital, and the wooden chapel bridge in Lucerne. The nation is renowned for its hiking trails and ski resorts. Key businesses include banking and finance, while Swiss goods like watches and chocolate are well-known worldwide.

Meeting Switzerland in the summer is to be fascinated by the beauty of the environment and experience the delicacy on the palate. It is full of life and has many interesting perspectives to be observed.

Travelers can learn about anything in our guide, from the most modern images—like Zurich’s rooftops—to the most traditional ones. Even though it is only a tiny city, Lucerne is exceptional for its vividly colored lakes and mountains that are coated in summer’s beautiful green.

Nice street strolls take place in the heart of classic Geneva. Travelers can ascend Saint-Pierre Cathedral on foot and enjoy a stunning perspective of the city by following quiet routes to the summit.

The Interlaken park, which is situated between two lakes, offers opportunities for both nature enthusiasts and those who enjoy relaxing and taking in the scenery. The renowned Lavaux wineries are another must-visit location. Here, the little producer towns have a movie-like appearance and the wines have a distinctive flavor.

Imagine climbing to the peak of Europe. People traveling by rail through Jungfraujoch reach 3,571 meters above sea level and are treated to a breathtaking vista.

The magnificent Castle of Chillon, which is situated in the exciting and musical city of Montreux, is another exceptional feature that only Switzerland possesses. In fact, it’s worth going to the city’s name-bearing music festival.

Train travel is a must when in Switzerland, of course. The most comfortable way to take in the scenery is on a panoramic train. Golden Pass Line, Glacier Express, or Bernina Express? We assist you in selecting the ideal experience.

The Train du Chocolat tour should not be missed if you want to sample unique Swiss food. The panoramic wagon travels through pastoral scenes studded with loads of cheese, genuine Swiss fondue, and, of course, the world’s best chocolate in Freiburg’s pre-alpine region. Contact us after selecting your departure date.

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