It’s difficult to think about Indonesia without picturing Bali and its breathtaking landscape. However, we also urge you to discover a completely different and equally fascinating side of the nation, one that gives a unique historical and emotional link.

Our trip starts in Magelang, one of Central Java’s largest cities. Rich in agricultural past, the area offers stunning natural scenery and a rich cultural legacy that is deeply ingrained in the island’s populace.

The trip proceeds via Ubud, the epicenter of Indonesian cultural customs. The Hindu temples and shrines dotting the area bring the contrast between rice fields and tropical forests to life even more. Among these is the Elephant Cave, whose finely detailed stone sculptures demonstrate the depth of religious devotion.

It is essential to visit the rice fields in Tegallalang. Enjoy a nice beverage while relaxing at one of the many cafes that offer expansive views of the rice paddies. We can see why the Pura Besakih mother temple is the most significant of them when we get there.

It’s tough to resist the urge to join one of the countless yoga or spa classes available after so many trips and strolls in order to decompress and unwind.

The next destination, Nusa Dua, promises even more relaxation. The location is just peace and quiet, symbolized by white sand beaches, crystal-clear seas, and opulent hotels outfitted with every amenity for the ideal getaway.

The experience is made even more unique for the true culture by the existence of other islands that are still unexplored by traditional tourists. Beautiful, nearly uninhabited beaches may be found in Lombok, the worn path of the Gili Islands leads to breathtakingly beautiful empty beaches, Sumatra boasts a diverse population speaking over 52 languages, and Komodo is home to enormous, spectacular dragons.

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