The third of the four phases of the moon is fully visible on Earth. It’s a Full Moon season, of abundance and many special moments to be lived in nature. We invite you to look at the Full Moon sky in a special way: getting to know the Argentinian north with our roadmap in small groups.

We traveled through northwest Argentina to get to know the Salta and Jujuy regions, which have distinct landscapes from the rest of the country primarily because of the abundant Inca traces and varied natural settings.

There are rocky formations, mountains that shift color in response to the light, saltines, rich vineyards, enormous cacti, and Spanish colonial buildings that hold a wealth of historical significance.

One more noteworthy aspect is the people. He is always very accommodating and willing to share the cultural and folkloric aspects of the northern region of Argentina, adding unique experiences to the trip.

It’s incredible how the salt desert of Grand Salinas, Argentina, which borders Bolivia, becomes even more opulent under the full moon at night, when the contrast between the white and the night takes on a more natural lighting. Our itinerary includes a night at Pristine Camps, as well as luxurious lodging in eco domos in the middle of the desert, to allow guests to experience a variety of moments. This is an experience of a lifetime.

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