A climb to the massive Macucu tree in the Anavilhanas igapo followed by a bath in the cooling Amazon waters. This tour that genuinely represents Brazil must be among the Amazon’s best hidden secrets.

We are on the Anavilhanas Archipelago’s exclusive ecological reserve known as Mirantedogaviao.

The luxury lodge is ideal for entertaining with children in a treehouse-style accommodation because of its thoughtful design to blend in with the natural landscape of the Amazon, while couples enjoy private lodges that exude romance.

The River Black is a different Amazonian postcard that looks fantastic in front of the lodge. Along with all of its natural beauty and diversity of creatures, the waters have a high natural PH that acts as a natural repellant.

We complete a day of strenuous activity with a grilled pirarucu for people who enjoy real flavors and like to become familiar with local seasonings on every trip.

Bring comfortable, lightweight clothing in your luggage and visit the Amazon to experience its best features.

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