Between April and May, the starry and clear sky of the Bahia presents us with the view of the Full Moon. Right there, in the middle of Diamantina Chapada National Park, travelers know the importance of being in the right place and at the right time.

Knowing this destination during the Full Moon period makes the natural landscapes even more special. During the day, the sun’s rays are responsible for framing the blue waters of the Enchanted Well, the gigantic fall of the Mosquito Waterfall or the enormity of silence on the Hill of Father Inácio.

Around here the simplest moments become epic memories. Our experts know every little bit of the region, which makes sure that the whole journey is done through the best routes and tips. all to optimize your precious time with the charms of nature in its rawest form.

From the magical Enchanted Well and its cobalt blue illuminated by the sun’s rays, passing through the crystal waters of the Blue Well to the majestic Mosquito Waterfall, one of the trip’s most iconic scenery, travelers will be enchanted by the natural beauties.

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