One of the fortunate nations to experience the incredibly magical manifestation of each of the four seasons is Japan. The location is full of natural beauty with spots that are stunning at different times of year. The landscape is alive with orange, yellow, and red tones in the fall.

Accompanied by a guide who spoke Spanish, we set out to explore some of the main cities of this eastern destination during the height of autumnal splendor. This itinerary will show you why the colorful autumn koyo leaves are just as stunning as the now-famous cherry blossoms.

All regions of Japan take on an autumnal hue, but the mountains are the first to change color. Leaves fall to the ground and scatter everywhere, completely changing the look of the destination’s classic attractions.

Kyoto’s tours are framed by elegant castles and well-kept temples with gardens. It’s incredible to stroll through Nara Park and see not only incredible sights but also free-ranging deer in the gardens of the National Museum of Nara. Mt. Fuji, which is the backdrop of Hakone, offers a view that is only visible from up there.

History buffs and collectors of mementos will enjoy a trip to Hokkaido, the home of the Japanese brewery known for producing the best beer in the nation and creating wonderful memories for friends.

Tokyo is alive and vibrant, with color and energy all around. Harajuku is a shopping and quirky sights haven.

We invite you to get to know Japan from another angle and very well accompanied. Our groups are always small and with people who will make your trip always more interesting.

Japan is such a beautiful country with a rich culture. Its a stunning nation in Eastern Asia that Titan Travel has named the second most beautiful in the world for 2023. Experience this trip with us.

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