Do you dream of getting to Machu Picchu by trail but don’t want to leave comfort and exclusivity aside? We invite you to visit the Salkantay Trail.

The hike on this route lasts five days and four nights for a cultural immersion with key stops by nature and Peruvians, and it is more calm and less well-known.

This is a genuine experience with a special twist: you can take in the unspoiled beauty of nature while seeing Inca-related communities. Beliefs, customs, unspoiled areas, and an otherworldly aura are transmitted by both the guides who are familiar with the forest’s pathways and the tales told by the people.

Forget the most well-known tents along the Inca trails when night falls. Comfort is treated with the same respect as self-awareness and local knowledge.

After a day spent immersed in Peruvian culture and nature in exquisite lodges, there are 4 incredibly comfortable rooms for you to unwind in. Don’t skip out on wonderful meals prepared with regional spices before you lie in the coziness of your own room.

A perfectly prepared Machu Picchu cuisines.

It’s a trail for people who appreciate nature but don’t want to give up comfort. Are you enthusiastic? The resources and expertise are here for us to help you organize the trip of a lifetime.

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