Every year, the night of the turnover is a special occasion. India is a multiethnic country with a wide variety of old buildings and landscapes.

On our special excursion, we’ll have remarkable experiences at some of the best locations to learn about the way of life in the nation with the largest population in the world.

When mosques first arrive in Delhi, the colors, beliefs, and energy of Indian culture start to attract them from every angle. Those who have never seen the Humayun Temple, the temple garden that served as the model for the Taj Mahal, are in awe.

Lovely Udaipur is surrounded by marble palaces, bustling lakes, and several mountains. The City Palace, which dates back to 1725 and took more than 400 years to finish, awaits us at the destination. It impresses with its imposing and elaborate terraces.

The Sahelion-Ki-Bari garden, which is located in this area, is excellent for photography and learning about the way of life of women in the eighteenth century. Our staff prepares the finest reveillon meal in Udaipur.

A trip to the historic strongholds that still house Indian history is essential as 2024 gets off to a spectacular start. Travelers get a better sense of the opulent life of the marshes as they explore Meherangarth Fort.

Travelers learn about Galtaji Temple, a location less visited by visitors but with distinctive sights, to give the special New Year itinerary a touch of exclusivity.

The small town of Abhaneri, which is en route to Agra, offers a brief glimpse of life in India’s deepest step-wells.

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