Our client Ada Chukwu has already traveled a lot with the Danza consultancy, but he had not yet felt inside the Amazon biome. To turn the travel dream into reality, you will stay in one of the best lodges in the Amazon region.

The sceneries that Ada had only before seen in novels and movies were suddenly in front of your eyes.

All the exuberance of the Amazon sanctuary was designed to blend with nature adjacent to the Cristalino River for the least possible environmental impact associated with the immersion experience.

The enormity of the forest can be witnessed during your stay. “As you pass the entrance of the reserve where the Crystalino lands begin, the sight is magical, a beautiful and lush equatorial forest presents itself in front of our eyes cut by a dirt road that reminded me of those iconic images of the Amazon,” she told us about her experience.

The rides work together to enhance this almost magical sense of place. Canoeing, bird watching, and a variety of other activities are always led by knowledgeable guides.

When using Danza’s specialist consulting, you can be sure to have a stress-free trip without having to worry about anything other than packing and having fun, just like Ada did.

There’s over years of experience in the travel market which has strengthens Danza’s team expertise and connection with the best partners.

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