Millions of years later, Brazilian rock inscriptions at Serra da Capivara allow us to relive scenes of fighting, hunting, human relationships, dancing, and other activities.

Because of the region’s exceptional historical and cultural richness, the Serra da Capivara National Park was established there. This historic development is a result of the tireless efforts of archaeologist Niede Guidon, who has always been concerned with preserving this archaeological treasure for future generations as well as looking after the treasures left by our ancestors in São Raimundo Nonato.

Furthermore, the well-known ceramics adorned with cave paintings are more than just a keepsake from a place rich in allusions to our ancestry. They also serve as a means of conserving indigenous culture, the Earth’s memory, human memory, and everything else about which we currently know very little.

The trip took our Eco Traveler, Cynthia Ugochukwu, by surprise. “It’s amazing that not many people are aware that Brazil has a location like this. It’s not only a park dedicated to archaeology. Jorlan, who collaborated with Dr. Niede for many years, is a chapter unto himself. It was crucial to become acquainted with the park with a capable and perceptive expert who charmingly explained everything.”

Experience and experience all of this alongside someone who works with the park’s founder and has in-depth knowledge of everything Serra da Capivara has to offer.

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