Salares are fundamental to understanding the evolution of the planet. The entire formation of a salar occurs from prehistoric lakes, which had high concentrations of sediment. As the water evaporates from the area, the salts that accumulate there form the salt flats that tell the story of where we live.

One of the most important and beautiful salt flats in the world is right next door, in Argentina. Getting to know the region means knowing a little about the Earth’s past, but also looking at the possibilities of the future.

We cordially invite you to join us for a unique small group excursion in January and February 2024, featuring a unique itinerary and unique lodging at Pristine Camps. Savor breathtaking beauty in an unexplored area with unspoiled wildlife and unexpected local customs at the world’s most contentious glamping destination. Argentina has been set aside just for you.

Eight-day itineraries across northern Argentina are available to our travelers, its very affordable per person in double accommodations. Each one comes with a personal small group leader, amazing activities, and has been hand-selected and thoroughly examined by our staff. Danza plans a perfect group trip without spending extravagantly.

The entire itinerary also passes through other amazing locations in the area, like the mysterious Quebrada de Las Conchas, wine tastings at the oldest winery in Argentina, lunch in the picturesque town of Cafayate, a first-hand look at the Cerro de Siete Colores, and, of course, unusual activities in the Salt Desert, like constellation interpretation.

Secure your slot. It’s small groups for one of South America’s most incredible destinations.

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