How about spending your Carnival outside the planet? Visiting Atacama gives you that feeling. The landscapes are so different and playful that they seem to be from another planet. Rock formations, lagoons with surreal colors, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and a sky so clear that it is possible to see the Milky Way at night.

To visit the Southern Range in style, Danza Travels is one of the best options. Our travelers have a special condition to enjoy their holiday at the lodge: you stay 5 nights and pay for only 4 of them. Detail: Explora guest has exclusive access to Puritama Terms and Observatory network.

Besides the surreal scenery of Chile, another authentic Latin American destination has special conditions for history-loving travelers this Carnival: the Valle Sagrado and Machu Picchu.

In the heart of the Incan Empire travelers will encounter not only the famous and iconic Mayan mountain, but also a culture strongly present everywhere and mouth-watering Peruvian cuisine.

The entire Explora team brings sophistication to the unique itinerary. For those who choose the historic trip to Peru during this Carnival, the condition of paying 3 and staying 4 is available in the all inclusive program.

It’s your chance to experience unique moments in one of the world’s largest networks with special conditions.

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Traveling the world is an enriching way to expand your knowledge of other cultures.

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