Are you trying to find the top nursing school? Students are still accepting spots at the University of Dundee in the UK to study nursing, and there are a number of funding possibilities available for undergraduate African students up to £6,000 each year of study.

Some of the explanations for studying nursing are as follows:

1. Exceptional education

They want to see you grow into a capable, compassionate registered nurse who is prepared to take on the stimulating challenge of working in any healthcare setting.

You will learn 50% of the time on campus and spend the remaining 50% on placements in community and hospital settings, where you will gain a variety of crucial skills needed to work in healthcare. They offer Bachelor’s degrees in Child, Adult, and Mental Health Nursing as well as a variety of other degrees at the Master’s level.

You will participate in workshops, interactive sessions, and performed patient scenarios at a state-of-the-art simulated Clinical Skills Center in addition to your theory and placement study. With medical students, you will have the chance to study a variety of skills in the Clinical Skills Centre, giving you the chance to experience what it’s like to collaborate across disciplines.

2. Relationship with the National Health Service of the UK (NHS)

The health care system in the UK is known as the NHS; it is a publicly financed medical and health care system that anyone in the country can utilize without having to pay the full cost of the service. Due to their close collaboration with the local NHS organizations, the University of Dundee is able to provide you with a variety of interesting experiences throughout your clinical placement in both hospital and community settings. They gain from the knowledge and experience of their NHS partners as a result of their collaboration, which enables them to offer the greatest clinical and educational experiences possible.

Scotland has a very high regard for the nursing profession, and nurses are valued members of the multidisciplinary team. When you were a university student During your training, you can have the chance to look for employment as a care assistant if you so choose.

3. Scholarships available to help fund your Dundee education

Your university career may start off well with a scholarship. The University of Dundee offers a variety of scholarships to assist with paying for your studies, including:

• Vice Chancellor’s Africa Scholarship automatically applied to students from Africa. You’ll receive £5,000 per year of study and it is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

• Global Excellence Scholarships – £6,000 per year of study awarded to our most inspiring applicants and is available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

4. Support

We provide a “home from home” experience at the University of Dundee and are available to support you during and beyond your academic career. Many of our alumni from Africa have gone on to enjoy prosperous professions both domestically and internationally. We are pleased to have a thriving African community, which includes the African and Caribbean Society, Nigerian Society, Ghanaian Society, and Kenyan Society. These organizations host frequent events to aid in your integration and exploration of Scotland. Additionally, we provide a variety of facilities and services to help with everything from housing to career guidance.

5. Workability

According to graduate employment rates, the University of Dundee is among the top 200 universities worldwide (QS World University Rankings 2022). Students who successfully finish the prerequisite course for the nursing degree will be registered with the NMC automatically (Nursing and Midwifery Council). This indicates that, upon graduation, you could be eligible to use a working visa granted to you by the UK government to work as a registered nurse anywhere in the country.

They collaborate closely with the NHS to ensure a seamless transition from student nurse to registered nurse throughout your final year. In order to assist you in completing your application forms and creating your personal statements as you look for your first job as a registered nurse, they work closely with NHS professionals. By the time you graduate from college, they want to have assisted you in finding employment.

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Apply directly via School of Health Sciences

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