Travel increases our fortune. We visit new locations, meet new people, and participate in new activities. We become different people as a result of our experiences. Traveling is more than just visiting a monument; it is also about breathing the essence of the location. You should absorb the culture and the beauty.

What can be squeezed into a few kilometers of road through Tocantins? There are numerous waterfalls, boilers, dunes, lookouts, and a diverse ecosystem to contemplate. We’re talking about the Jalapo circuit, which is full of nature and natural beauty for those who prefer peace and quiet.

Far from major cities and with almost no Internet access, the cerrado biome and all the calm that nature provides provide luxury in and of itself. Werewolf, woodpecker, capybara, blue mackerel, and hawk are just a handful of the animals we may see.

More than the clear, warm, high-pressured waters that prohibit visitors from sinking into the hot springs, Jalapo draws visitors from the most valuable commodity in life: time.

Time to ponder the beautiful, time to consider what truly matters. We hand-pick the best attractions and the optimum times for our excursion so that serenity is always the main focus of the trip.

Pass past the fascinating Lagoa do Japonês, plunge into the Cachoeira da Formiga, and fall in love with the Jalapo Dunes while watching the sunset.

Experiencing all of this with someone who knows every inch of the location makes all the difference. Talk to us and organize your vacation with all of the assistance and differentiation that only Danza Travels and Tours can provide.

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